Agitation Free    Hits: 18
Video von Agitation Free Rare Live Footage - ORTF (1973/06/19)
Звуки Му    Hits: 25
Video von Звуки Му Бронепоезд/ Panzerzug 1995
Amon Dual II    Hits: 43
Video von Amon Dual II Between The Eyes (1972)
Hawkwind    Hits: 23
Video von Hawkwind Motörhead - Promo
Rolling Stones    Hits: 26
Video von Rolling Stones Mike Dougles Show 1964
Balbina    Hits: 24
Video von Balbina Sonne. Original by Rammstein
The Black Crowes   Hits: 33
Video von The Black CrowesShe Talks To Angels
Billy Strings & Don Julin    Hits: 46
Video von Billy Strings & Don Julin No More Paper Logs / Dust in a Baggie
The Brandos    Hits: 44
Video von The Brandos What Kind of a World
black midi   Hits: 49
Video von black midiFull Performance (Live on KEXP)
The Rolling Stones    Hits: 40
Video von The Rolling Stones Paint It, Black
Gerhard Gundermann    Hits: 44
Video von Gerhard Gundermann Leine los
Peter Greens Fleetwood Mac   Hits: 57
Video von Peter Greens Fleetwood MacLive 1968-70
Everlast    Hits: 53
Video von Everlast What it's Like
Sonic Youth    Hits: 81
Video von Sonic Youth I Wanna Be Your Dog (1989)
Valaam Brethren Choir   Hits: 50
Video von Valaam Brethren ChoirAgni Parthene (Russia)
Philipp Funkhauses  🔴 Hits: 138
Video von Philipp Funkhauses Home
AG. GEIGE   Hits: 60
Led Zeppelin   Hits: 58
Video von Led ZeppelinLive on TV BYEN/Danmarks Radio [Full]
Richie Havens   Hits: 62
Video von Richie HavensHere Comes The Sun
AG GEIGE   Hits: 51
Serge Gainsbourg & the Revolutionaries    Hits: 65
Video von Serge Gainsbourg & the Revolutionaries feat. Soljie Hamilton and Bruno Blum #Aux Armes Dub
Отава Ё и Сергей Старостин    Hits: 92
Video von Отава Ё и Сергей Старостин Глубоко
Gerhard Gundermann   Hits: 70
Video von Gerhard Gundermann Hey Bruder sag mir
Yat-Kha   Hits: 56
Video von Yat-KhaOi Moroz
Lost Dog street band    Hits: 64
Video von Lost Dog street band I went down to Georgia
Frank Zappa    Hits: 73
Video von Frank Zappa Stink-Foot (A Token Of His Extreme)
Janis Joplin   Hits: 70
Video von  Janis JoplinTO LOVE SOMEBODY
knorkator    Hits: 80
Video von knorkator nazisraus
Rolling Stones    Hits: 85
Video von Rolling Stones Lady Jane(1966)
Oasis    Hits: 69
Video von Oasis The Hindu Times
Hodja    Hits: 99
Video von Hodja Gazelles
Cliff Bennett & the Rebel Rousers    Hits: 75
Video von Cliff Bennett & the Rebel Rousers I Take What I Want
Yat - Kha   Hits: 66
Video von Yat - Kha Kha
Otava Yo    Hits: 75
Video von Otava Yo Zalivochka
Faust    Hits: 80
Video von Faust Krautrock
John Moreland  🔴 Hits: 101
Video von John Moreland Hang Me in the Tulsa County Stars
Grand Funk Railroad  🔴 Hits: 153
Video von Grand Funk Railroad Inside Looking Out Live 1969
Motörhead  🔴 Hits: 107
Video von Motörhead I Ain't No Nice Guy
Oasis    Hits: 98
Video von Oasis Force Of Nature
Asaf Avidan  🔴 Hits: 119
Video von Asaf Avidan Reckoning Song (One Day)
Pipilotti Rist  🔴 Hits: 106
Video von Pipilotti Rist i'm a victim of this song (wicked game)
Gundermann  🔴 Hits: 116
Video von Gundermann Hier bin ich geboren
Tom Waits  🔴 Hits: 120
Video von Tom Waits Chocolate Jesus
Knorkator  🔴 Hits: 115
Video von Knorkator Revolution // Off The Road Sessions
Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals  🔴 Hits: 102
Video von Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Jah Work (A Lewis Marnell Tribute)
Asaf Avidan 🔴 Hits: 116
Video von Asaf AvidanSmall Change Girl
Ben Harper    Hits: 96
Video von Ben Harper Hallelujah
Knorkator  🔴 Hits: 137
Video von Knorkator Der ultimative Mann
Jeff Beck & Beth Hart  🔴 Hits: 111
Video von Jeff Beck & Beth Hart Purple Rain
Juergen Kerth & Band 🔴 Hits: 110
Video von  Juergen Kerth & BandDer Blues von der Grauen Maus #1982
Gun  🔴 Hits: 130
Video von Gun Race With The Devil
The Raconteurs 🔴 Hits: 114
Video von The RaconteursOld Enough
Knorkator  🔴 Hits: 111
Video von Knorkator Rette sich wer kann
Colosseum  🔴 Hits: 129
Video von Colosseum Take Me Back To Doomsday
Jethro Tull  🔴 Hits: 140
Video von Jethro Tull With You There To Help Me
Cream  🔴 Hits: 128
Video von Cream Strange Brew
Kraftwerk  🔴 Hits: 115
Video von Kraftwerk Rückstoss-Gondoliere #1971
Richie Havens  🔴 Hits: 136
Video von Richie Havens Here Comes The Sun
Steppenwolf  🔴 Hits: 113
Video von Steppenwolf Born To Be Wild
Stone The Crows  🔴 Hits: 131
Video von Stone The Crows Danger Zone
Taj Mahal  🔴 Hits: 101
Video von Taj Mahal Tomorrow May Not Be Your Day
Ten Years After  🔴 Hits: 141
Video von Ten Years After Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
FRUMPY 🔴 Hits: 127
Canned Heat  🔴 Hits: 116
Video von Canned Heat Let's Work Together
John Mayall  🔴 Hits: 149
Video von John Mayall I'm Gonna Fight For You J.B.
Family  🔴 Hits: 140
Video von Family The Weaver's Answer
Inga Rumpf  🔴 Hits: 116
Video von Inga Rumpf I'm A Woman (live)
Emerson Lake & Palmer  🔴 Hits: 133
Video von Emerson Lake & Palmer Knife-Edge
David Bowie, Mick Ronson 🔴 Hits: 150
Video von David Bowie, Mick Ronson The Width of a Circle #Live 1973
Can  🔴 Hits: 136
Video von Can Live 1973 - Paris Bataclan
The Who  🔴 Hits: 133
Video von The Who Hey Joe #live
Deep Purple  🔴 Hits: 135
Video von Deep Purple Fireball (Live)
GINGER BAKER 🔴 Hits: 139
The Who  🔴 Hits: 115
Video von The Who See Me, Feel Me
Feeling B 🔴 Hits: 138
Video von Feeling BIch such die DDR
The Band  🔴 Hits: 114
Video von The Band Forever Young
Deep Purple 🔴 Hits: 150
Video von Deep PurpleSpace Truckin' live 1972
The Yardbirds  🔴 Hits: 132
Video von The Yardbirds For Your Love
Jeff Buckley  🔴 Hits: 108
Video von Jeff Buckley Hallelujah
Deep Purple  🔴 Hits: 132
Video von Deep Purple Child in Time #Official Video
The Velvet Underground 🔴 Hits: 127
Video von The Velvet Underground Some Kinda Love
Nico  🔴 Hits: 149
Video von Nico Femme Fatale
David Bowie  🔴 Hits: 131
Video von David Bowie Space Oddity
Hodja  🔴 Hits: 133
Video von Hodja Devil on my back
Nirvana  🔴 Hits: 151
Video von Nirvana Smells Like Teen Spirit
The Marshall Tucker Band  🔴 Hits: 154
Video von The Marshall Tucker Band Can't You See
SBB  🔴 Hits: 139
Video von SBB Improv (Warszawa 1979)
John Lee Hooker  🔴 Hits: 122
Video von John Lee Hooker One Bourbon One Scotch One Beer
NEU!  🔴 Hits: 126
Video von NEU! Hero live
Henry Pacholski Lift  🔴 Hits: 174
Video von Henry Pacholski Lift Scherbenglas
The Velvet Underground  🔴 Hits: 173
Video von The Velvet Underground Im Gonna Move Right In